The New York Herald® is a small, independently-owned publication dedicated to the pursuit of “liberty through wealth”. Acquired in 2008, The New York Herald today offers regular commentary on the (mostly) tech stocks we track. We seek to document our learnings and offer our experience to those interested in active, thematic investments in areas like cloud computing, AI, social networks and gaming. It is important to caveat that the content on our website does not constitute financial advice, especially because we are active traders and may have left a position shortly after we first entered it. It’s also to fully appreciate that equities represent significant downside risk as well as upside potential, so please consult a professional.

There is one group of individuals we believe would benefit from at least introductory exposure to our learnings – the young, disadvantaged “striver” currently in an underfunded public school.

Financial literacy

You see, we grew up in one of these schools. It seems one of the greatest failures of our education system is the withholding of financial literacy from our youth. Math is taught to a fairly advanced level – yet it is taught in the abstract. Students leave high school with no understanding of how to leverage mathematical forces such as “compounding” to ensure their own wealth by retirement. They aren’t taught how to buy real estate or invest in stocks. Instead they are taught to prepare for college, which in turn prepares them to take on a career — the vast majority of which have very limited income potential. There is a more direct path to wealth — studying it.

Building wealth via Investments

Perhaps the concept of “getting rich” or achieving generational wealth is still too taboo to be explicitly taught. It’s a shame because there is nothing wrong with choosing the study of wealth vs the study of photography or any other field. Having money is the foundation for all ventures, including creative ones. In fact, accumulating wealth is a fairly straightforward exercise with a few learnable approaches – if it were only taught.

There’s more than one way to achieve wealth – everyone from Oprah to Elon Musk has taught us that. Our path, and the topic of this publication is via investments – specifically in high-growth stocks, equity stake in startups and real estate.

Inquiries and Partnerships

Our main interest in collaboration is with like-minded contributors (writers, podcast, video, interviews). Please contact us with any such inquiries.

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