About The New York Herald®

The New York Herald® is a small, independent publication dedicated to economic empowerment for Americans through educational content on entrepreneurialism, investments and personal finance.

The original New York Herald was a widely distributed and highly regarded newspaper under James Gordon Bennet Sr. and his son James Gordon Bennet Jr. It ceased to exist after merging with the Tribune in 1928 to become the New York Herald Tribune and later the International Herald Tribune. The IHT ceased publication in 2011 when it folded into the New York Times and henceforth branded as the NYT International Edition.

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Today’s New York Herald is a more modest endeavor, targeting aspiring entrepreneurs and investors with a goal of encouraging economic empowerment to all groups of Americans.

Financial literacy is not taught widely in our schools, as a result we are depriving powerful financial concepts and opportunities to all but the most fortunate.

The New York Herald is exploring incorporation as a 501(c)(3) to further our mission. If you have an interest in guest appearances or contributing financially, please email hello@nyherald.com.