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  • Tencent stock looks tempting

    Tencent gapped down after earnings report and trade tiff

    tencent stock

    Investors flocked away from Tencent [stock symbol=”TCEHY”] on the heels of an earnings report that showed strong revenue growth but also margin pressure mainly to aggressive capital expenditures.  It didn’t help that Naspers unloaded 190 million shares — almost 2% of shares issued.  That takes Nasper’s stake from 33.2% to 31.2% with no plans to […]

  • Facebook Has Further to Fall

    Facebook’s plunge may be just the beginning

    Facebook stock plunged 9% over the course of 3 trading days in the wake of Cambridge Analytica’s access to 50 million Facebook users.  The aftermath feels like a fork in the road for the once darling social network.  The bear camp now includes Jim Cramer, who sold on the plunge, disappointed with Facebook’s handling of […]

  • Amazon Stock Could Grow 10% From Apparel Business

    Wells Fargo ups price target to $1,755 on ‘Long Runway’

    Amazon has already devastated retailers in almost every category, including apparel, but there’s still upside according to Wells Fargo analyst Ken Sena.  Publicizing a survey Wells Fargo conducted, respondents suggested their Amazon apparel shopping habit was just getting started.  “76% of respondents used Amazon for just 40% of their clothes shopping” leaving much more opportunity […]

  • How Bulls Return: Exempt Allies from Tariffs

    Let’s hope Trump has tariff exemptions in mind for our allies

    Gary Cohn’s sudden departure rightfully spooked markets — he was after all a staunch pro trade voice that balanced out protectionist voices such as Peter Navarro.  What’s not certain however is whether Mexico, Canada and European allies are truly vulnerable or whether the  former business man known for his dealmaking is simply playing hardball in […]

  • Xi Jinping and the Future of Chinese Stocks

    How Does Xi Jinping’s Unlimited Term Limit Impact Chinese Stocks?


    Nearly 3,000 Communist leaders attended the National People’s Congress, as the country’s Premier Li Keqiang presented a State of the Nation report.  Sitting in attendance was Xi Jinping, the real star of the moment.  As President and leader of the Communist Party, Mr. Jinping has already been described as the most powerful leader of China since […]

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