Vespa Sei Giorni II


Don’t call it a scooter, it’s a Vespa. The Italian mojo and racing heritage alone wouldn’t be enough to recommend a nearly $8K scooter, but a closer look at the latest incarnation of the 1951 Vespa Sport Sei Giorni reveals a worthy successor.

Yes for $8K there are plenty of choices, even among full size motorcycles. Yet, a Vespa has it’s place — in neighborhoods like Williamsburg, Brooklyn for example where the casual chic vibe fits in almost too well with the Vespa brand. Yet, the Sei Giorni II has all the juice needed for a quick hop across the Williamsburg Bridge, or even up and down the FDR.

Featuring 12-inch alloy wheels, disc brakes, CVT (continuous variable transmission) and 278-cc of power, this is a motorcycle disguised as a scooter. Going up to 80 mph yet achieving 73 mpg, it is for those who want the best of both worlds – stability and strength of a motorcycle with the low key appeal of a Vespa. More at

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