Switchblade Drone Stock Up 60% Since Ukraine Invasion

AeroVironment Switchblade-600Source: AeroVironment Inc.
AeroVironment Switchblade-600Source: AeroVironment Inc.

While President Biden has stated numerous times that the United States won’t be helping enforce a no-fly zone or sending in airplanes to help Ukraine fend off Russia, one particular weapons assistance has been acutely effective. The kamikaze style Switchblade drones have been described as a flying shotgun and the latest model, the Switchblade 600 is considered a tank killer. The Switchblade, which had been secretly used against the Taliban in the past, is likely to gain in popularity due to its low cost and effectiveness.

The maker of the Switchblade is a Silicon Valley company, AeroVironment, and it’s stock $AVAV has blown up 60% since the day before the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24th.

AeroVironment’s ticker, $AVAV is just under $98 a share but was just under $57 on Februrary 23rd. With a market cap of $2.44 billion dollars, a previous all-time high of $136.59, and continued geopolitical volatility in Taiwan and other hotspots, we think $AVAV has room to run. 🚀 

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