September Surprise: Ginsburg’s death sparks instability

The death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, aka the Notorious RBG, is first and foremost, a consequential loss for the nation. No matter your political affiliation, it can not be denied that Justice Ginsburg was a brilliant legal mind and something akin to the Thurgood Marshall of women’s issues.

Despite poor health, she famously toughed it out, hoping to survive long enough to see November 3rd. She knew that her passing prior would create yet another moment of reckoning to an already battered and bruised nation.

The ink on the announcement hadn’t dried when the inevitable topic of her replacement boiled over to the top of every news outlet. President Trump along with Speaker Mitch McConnell will indeed try to push through a candidate to fill the seat before the election. Two women are already considered the frontrunners – Barbara Lagoa, Justice on Florida’s Supreme Court, would check the political boxes nicely – a woman replacing an icon for women’s rights, Cuban-American and from the key swing state of Florida.

Monday markets will certainly start the day swooning. The markets simply do not like instability and options action has already priced in contested election results. Guess where a contested election result ends up? Thus, the key battle of our time is with this Supreme Court nomination. If President Trump can fill the seat, then any questioning of election results will end up being decided partly by his selection.

If you were planning to move to cash towards the end of October, Ginsburg’s passing and the ensuing instability suggests you move up your timeline.

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