Ponara Eng to Lead Marketing at RG

Ponara Eng Vice President Realty Group
Ponara Eng Vice President Realty Group

Ponara Eng has been named Vice President of Marketing at leading independent real estate brokerage Realty Group

Ponara Eng, who for over four years led digital marketing efforts at luxury stone manufacturer Cambria, has been tapped to build out marketing at Realty Group, a national brokerage with over 700 real estate agents.

Real estate is undergoing a complete digital transformation in the way homes are bought and sold. With the advent of proptech, the emergence of institutional investors and the introduction of crypto and NFT for home purchases, buying and selling a home will never be the same.

I’m excited to help lead the way for Realty Group, whose leadership is committed to being at the frontlines of this real estate revolution.

Ponara Eng

Eng is expected to initially stand up an in-house marketing team from scratch, bringing in expertise previously outsourced to a digital marketing agency. It’s a process he’s very familiar with, having built out digital marketing teams for Cambria and award-winning advertising agencies Hanson Dodge and Hiebing.

As a player-coach, I enjoy spotting under appreciated talent and hiring for attitude before aptitude. I know with fire in their belly and a sparkle in their eye, they will quickly grow to become a key contributor to our success. Training is easy and attitude can’t be taught.

Ponara Eng

Ponara’s first few hires will be in the area of content creation as he is also a major proponent of leading with video and visual content. “The marketing world needs to take every written piece of content, especially in hard-to-read PDFs, and transform them into snackable videos ready made for sharing in a social-first world.” he said.

Here’s Ponara Eng in a marketing podcast with Tim Brown, owner of the Hook Agency: