Flying Hoverbike Startup Mulling IPO

XTurismo Flying Hover by ALI Technologies

XTURISMO by ALI Technologies

Japanese startup ALI Technologies is said to be looking to the public markets to raise additional funds for their flying motorbike or hoverbike concept. The XTURISMO is able to hover 6.6 feet off the ground and cruise for up to 40 minutes at a time.

CEO Daisuke Katano is a huge Star Wars nerd and was definitely inspired by the Star Wars speeders or swoop bikes. However, the concept is already proving popular with preorders indicating strong interest, especially from the Middle East.

According to a Bloomberg interview, Katano suggested a novel use for the hover bike:

“The vehicle will enable people to travel where roads are bad and inaccessible to cars, as well as across bodies of water”

Daisuke Katano

This would be perfect for desert regions but also we imagine, during disaster scenarios when infrastructure like roads and bridges are unusable.

The XTURISMO was just featured in a baseball game in March so we know it works, and yes, we want one. The price in case you were curious is $777K USD.

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