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Fantom Crypto on Gemini

Fantom was featured on Fool as a smart alternative to Solana. While it’s had an incredible run, going from just $.02 last year to $2.85 as of today, it’s still considered an under-the-radar coin compared to Solana with a market cap of 7 billion vs Solana’s 43 billion.

  • Much lower market cap compared to Solana for similar offering
  • Fantom, when measured on time to finality, or full validation on the chain, might be the fastest blockchain.
  • Fantom is interoperable between Ethereum and Solana. Fantom is compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) while Solana is not.
  • Fantom is likely cheaper because it’s not on popular Coinbase where Solana can be bought. Instead you have to buy in on Gemini.

Fool predicts a big year for Fantom – what do you think?