Cadillac Passenger Drone

Cadillac VTOL passenger drone
Cadillac VTOL passenger drone

GM is absolutely on fire with electrification – from the electric Hummer to a possible electric Corvette, but the recently announced Cadillac passenger drone most definitely takes it to the next level. In the vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) category, this is a concept and not necessarily slated for production – still.

The VTOL movement is taking off and this won’t be the last VTOL we share, but Cadillac’s vision is the most stylish we’ve seen yet.

Along with the flying Cadillac, the heritage luxury brand also revealed an autonomous van which redefines party bus.


With a Cadillac passenger drone and the telework trend, you are no restrained to living near the office. Even when you do have to swing by for the occasional team-building session, you can simply swoop in, unencumbered by gnarly highway traffic – that is until the skies are full of VTOLs.

Cadillac VTOL at home

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